General Budget Support to Ghana

DFID, Ghana

This Project Completion Report (PCR) marks the end of DFIDs General Budget Support (GBS) cycle in Ghana which has seen the Government of Ghana receive $60 million of funding over the period of 2012-2015. The economic assistance which has been provided has been designed to sustain economic growth and poverty reduction in Ghana, and strengthen public institutions with additional resources to deliver improved services such as health, education and social protection.

The purpose of the PCR is to assess the progress achieved since the most recent cycle of funding began in 2012 by compiling a comprehensive synthesis of the findings and delivering strategic recommendations.

Mokoro provided Liv Bjornestad as lead consultant to undertake the PCR and assess the extent to which General Budget Support (GBS) has achieved its intended impacts including; promoting economic growth and poverty reduction, strengthening public institutions, improving service delivery, enhancing aid effectiveness, and promoting macroeconomic stability. As part of this assessment Value for Money (VfM) was calculated taking into account the time in which programmes had been implemented, how sustainable the results would prove to be and what partnerships had been forged which would ensure the long-term success of DFID’s activities.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Liv Bjornestad