Evaluation of WFP’s nutrition policy

WFP, Desk based

In light of new scientific knowledge, with particular reference to the Lancet 2008 special series on maternal and child undernutrition, and in line with WFP’s shift from food aid to food assistance, WFP developed a Nutrition Policy in 2012. The policy was approved with the request that an evaluation of the policy be presented to the Board in 2015, ahead of the usual timeframe for policy evaluations.

The policy lays the foundation for strengthening WFP’s role in reducing undernutrition and focuses on five areas; treating moderate acute malnutrition; preventing acute malnutrition; preventing chronic malnutrition; addressing micronutrient deficiencies; and strengthening the focus on nutrition in programmes without a primary nutrition objective.

Mokoro provided a team led by Stephen Lister in collaboration with Valid International and FEG Consulting. The objective of the evaluation was to assess and report on the quality and results of the policy and associated operations and activities to implement the policy as well as to determine the reasons why certain changes occurred or not to draw lessons that should help in policy formulation and implementation.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Lister

Principal Consultant and Director

Jane Keylock, Kate Sadler, Tamsin Walters, Stephanie Allan, Lidio Calvo