Evaluation of the International Corruption Group

DFID, Multi country

The International Corruption Group (ICG) was set up at the end of 2006 to strengthen the UK’s capacity to investigate money laundering and foreign bribery. This forms part of the UK’s broader efforts to combat international corruption, with the specific purpose of strengthening the UK’s capacity to investigate and prosecute corruption occurring between developed and developing countries and return stolen assets.

A Mokoro consultant undertook an independent evaluation of the ICG, assessing the project performance against its logical framework, making recommendations for improving project performance and also developing a preliminary assessment of the project’s wider impact on poverty reduction.

The consultant also provided recommendations for improving measures to assess the impact of the ICG’s work, as well as considering the positive and constraining effects of the UK’s overall system to combat foreign bribery on the ICG project.

The people behind the project

Piet van Heesewijk