Evaluation of the FCO Global Opportunities Fund sustainable development programme

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Multi country

The Global Opportunities Fund (GOF) Sustainable Development programme (GOF-SD) was one of a group of programmes run by the Foreign Office in support of its Strategic Priorities. It operated within the framework of the FCO Sustainable Development Strategy, launched in March 2005.

The GOF-SD was phased out in 2007 however FCO embassies will planned to work on sustainable development, especially in the SD Dialogue countries. A four-person Mokoro team, led by Stephen Lister, carried out an evaluation of the environmental projects funded under the GOF-SD to provide lessons of a wider relevance for ongoing programmes.

The evaluation aimed to help guide Defra and DFID in their on-going work on the SD dialogues. In addition, the FCO were still running a small number of larger programme funds (including Climate Change & Energy, Economic Governance, Human Rights, Counter-Terrorism) and the evaluation was thought to be an opportunity to learn lessons which could contribute to the effectiveness of FCO programme management.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Turner

Principal Consultant and Director