Donor engagement with civil society

UNDP, Ethiopia

A report was commissioned by UNDP (for donor group) and the World Bank to explore donor engagement with civil society, in the context of donor involvement with civil society organisations (CSO) against a variety of strategic objectives and through a variety of modes of cooperation.

Mokoro associate, Trish Silkin, led a team to undertake a review of the current donor aid modalities supporting civil society organisations in Ethiopia. The objective of the review was to take stock of existing donor support in order to recommend proposals for a joint donor support in line with general principles on aid effectiveness.

The report recommended a range of options for donors to engage with civil society in a more strategic, harmonised, flexible, and cost-effective manner and to develop modes of cooperation. The report was entitled ‘Review of Donor Engagement with Civil Society Organizations in Ethiopia’.

The people behind the project

Trish Silkin