Development of Child Budget Analyses and Budget Briefs in Indonesia

Development of Child Budget Analyses and Budget Briefs at National and Sub-national levels to enhance Public Finance for Children in Indonesia

UNICEF Indonesia, Indonesia

Mokoro provided a large team to support the Institute for Economic and Social Research of the University of Indonesia (LPEM) and government partners to further develop their capacity, provide quality assurance of Child Budget Analyses at national and sub-national level, and to produce national and sub-national Budget Briefs in key social sectors related to children. The Food Economy Group (FEG) assisted the Mokoro team in a research capacity to help deliver this assignment.

The Government of Indonesia has made substantial commitments to accelerate progress for children – ratifying various international treaties to fulfil children’s rights, establishing a legal framework at the national level, and delivering several programmes to promote child-wellbeing indicators. This resulted in required minimum budget allocations for children in several key sectors.

The Mokoro team assessed the current state of performance of budgeting in Indonesia, and Child Budget Analysis specifically, and identified opportunities for further advancing the agenda. Written deliverables related to Child Budget Analysis were a policy and methodological framework of national-level child budget analysis, as well as a Budget Analysis for Children Report. Mokoro also produced five national Budget Briefs (Child Protection, Early Childhood Education, Health, Nutrition, Social Protection) as well as two sub-national WASH briefs for the Indonesian provinces of East Java and East Nusa Tenggara. Budget briefs provide Rapid Budget Analysis in an accessible format, with visual data and analysis and succinct policy recommendations and key messages. The briefs were developed by a detailed review and analysis of macro-economic planning, policy development, strategic planning, budget, expenditure and performance review information.

The people behind the project

Project leader: John Kruger (Child Budget Analyses), Alison Goldstuck/Mark Minford

Lukman Hakim, Sally Lake, Chantal Toby (FEG), Alta Fölscher (QS)