Cross-country study of the impact of PEFA assessments

PEFA Steering Committee, Multi country

PEFA aims to support integrated and harmonized approaches to assessment and reform in the field of public expenditure, procurement and financial accountability. Its objective is to improve aid effectiveness, in terms of harmonization and alignment, through the Strengthened Approach to Supporting PFM Reform. The PEFA PFM Performance Measurement Framework was developed as a tool for providing the shared pool of information as part of the Strengthened Approach.

In 2006 a first report on monitoring the application of the PEFA Performance Measurement Framework was prepared. A follow-up monitoring exercise was then undertaken focusing on an assessment of the impact of adopting the PEFA Framework for PFM performance assessments at the country level.

A Mokoro consultant, Mary Betley, undertook a study which formed part of this PEFA framework monitoring. For a selection of country case studies, the study analysed how both governments and development partners have used the results of their PEFA assessments and then went on to identify the factors behind these effects and what lessons may be learnt.

The people behind the project

Mary Betley