Cambodia climate change financing framework

UNDP, Cambodia

The Cambodia Climate Financing Framework (CCFF) was developed by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to inform the implementation of the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan (CCCSP).

Mokoro provided Principal Consultant, Ray Purcell, as the named Economic Planning Expert required to support the national sector experts and the national expert in economic planning techniques.

Ray provided methodological support to various national experts; the National Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Expert preparing guidelines on the use of CBA in sector prioritisation; the National Sector Experts in advising line ministries on the costing and prioritisation of actions to deliver the CCCSPs; National Sector Experts estimating Marginal Abatement Costs for mitigation actions; the Team Leader in defining standard guidelines for phasing sectoral actions; National Sector Experts in commenting on and editing the Climate Change Action Plans; and National Sector Experts in preparing their parts of the chapter on Sectors in the CCCFF.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant