Building an inclusive community through disability sport

Programme evaluation

Motivation, Uganda

The Building An Inclusive Community Through Disability Sport programme is a sport-for-development programme which has been implemented over a three year period in three districts of Northern Uganda (Gulu, Amuru and Nwoya. The project was a partnership between Motivation, a UK-based NGO and two implementing Ugandan NGOs; the Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU) and the Kids League (TKL). The programme was funded by Comic Relief.

Mokoro provided consultants to undertake an evaluation of the programme. The evaluation sought to examine the effectiveness, the reach and levels of participation in the programme as well as the quality of monitoring and data collection of the programme and sustainability.

The report was also required to pay specific attention to the impact on the children and young people with disabilities who participated in group sport in regard to their: increased self-esteem; empowerment; sustainability of this impact; their perception of their disability. It examined attitudes of parents and the community of young people with disabilities who participated in regard to their perception of disability and young people’s worth and ability and overall changes in social attitudes to disability.

The people behind the project

Fiona Dixon, Dan Opio