Assessment of current evidence and data gaps in Rwanda’s land sector

DFID, Rwanda

Since 2002, DFID has supported the land sector in Rwanda and is now the leading donor supporting the Government of Rwanda’s (GoR) Land Tenure Regularisation (LTR) programme. HTSPE (now DAI) was responsible for delivering the programme alongside the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA). Ahead of the expiry of HTSPE’s contract in August 2013, DFID wanted to establish what additional support RNRA would require in order to continue the land registration process and maintain the land registration systems.

As such, DFID requested the services of an independent team to undertake a review which would identify what is required in terms of monitoring, evaluation and data collection and to ensure that DFID is in a strong position to assess the performance and on-going impacts of the LTR programme.

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Martin Adams, led the assessment of the nature and quality of the existing body of evidence in the land sector in Rwanda and work currently underway. The team also identified key gaps in evidence and baseline data and provided recommendations to address existing gaps and suggest priorities for future research and data collection.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Martin Adams

Principal Consultant

Fred Kalema, Canisius Karuranga