Assessing and measuring aid predictability

World Bank, Multi country

Mokoro provided a team led by Principal consultant, Stephen Lister, to undertake an assignment assessing and measuring aid predictability.

The assignment aimed to increase the awareness of the practices by donors and partner governments that affect the predictability, in terms of both transparency and reliability, of aid (in-year, short/medium/long term). The research documented both the constraints to aid predictability (political and technical) and the good practices. Case study countries were Cambodia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone and these country reports, together with a review of  how major donors treated predictability, fed into a compendium of good practice which was an input for the 2011 High Level Forum in Busan.

The team also prepared an options paper, setting out alternatives for measuring aid predictability in ways that will be more conducive to tracking the progress of partner countries and development partners respectively, and identifying benefits and impediments to their use for operational purposes.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Lister

Principal Consultant and Director

Rebecca Carter, Liv Bjornestad, Mailan Chiche, Daniel Ross