Appraisal of Danida’s General Budget Support to Tanzania

Danida, Tanzania

General Budget Support (GBS) programmes have been implemented in Tanzania by Danida since 2001, and GBS remains the Government of Tanzania’s preferred aid modality. This assignment looked at Danida’s development contract with Tanzania for 2014-2019 for providing general budget support (GBS), specifically on a pay-by-results basis in order to give the Tanzanian government enough time to implement its policies. Focus has been placed on results and value-for-money.

Mokoro were approached for Ann Bartholomew to join a six person team to undertake this mission, led by Danida. The aim of the assignment was to conduct an appraisal of the Tanzania development contract before submission, in order to provide quality assurance of the country programme design and documentation.

The appraisal team critically reviewed the development contract and the two development engagement documents in order to assess the thematic programme and synergies between the development engagements. The appraisal also involved stakeholder consultation, field assessments and support allocation assessment and recommendations.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Ann Bartholomew