Albania Public Expenditure and Institutional Review

World Bank for DFID, Albania

The Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (PEIR) of Albania, prepared by the World Bank, was a comprehensive report on the country’s economic and fiscal developments, prospects and the policy agenda.

The main objectives of the PEIR was to provide a critical review of public finances in Albania over the past years, critically assess their expenditure policy as well as their fiscal sustainability prospects. The PEIR aimed to provide an assessment of the financing rules and institutional modalities for the delivery of services in key social and infrastructure sectors against the requirements of improving their effectiveness and ensuring sustainability and to assist the government in implementing the ongoing budget management reform programme.

A four-person Mokoro team assisted in the preparation of the Public Expenditure and Institutional Review. The team contributed toward policy recommendations on the annual budget preparation process, budget execution, and the budgetary process in a decentralized setting. Contributions were also made toward draft chapters, including one on Public Investment.

The people behind the project

Andrew Bird, Ann Bartholomew, Mary Betley, Mauro Napodano