Palestine aid harmonisation and effectiveness plan

Belgian Technical Cooperation , Palestine

Mokoro provided a two-person team, Stephen Lister and Trish Silkin, to work with the aid management section of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Planning in order to develop an aid harmonisation and effectiveness action plan.

The overall goal of the work is to help strengthen the Palestinian National Authority’s (PNA) capacity to ensure the optimal use of donor resources according to national needs and planning priorities through the Ministry of Planning (MOP), for particular support to the Directorate General of Aid Management and coordination (DG-AMC).

The specific objective of the project was to establish a harmonization agenda of external aid in the Palestinian context through formulating an Aid Harmonisation and Effectiveness Plan. Whilst the political environment in 2007 did not facilitate the implementation of a harmonization agenda, the DG-AMC sought to have the groundwork done, so implementation could commence once the situation improved.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant and Director

Trish Silkin