WOLTS Team Perspectives…the story so far

  • 21 July 2020

‘WOLTS Team Perspectives’ is a new series of blogs launched in February 2020 by the global WOLTS team. In this series, field team members share their views about the impacts of the project’s action-research on gender, land and mining among pastoralist communities in Tanzania and Mongolia. So far, three blogs have been written by team members from HakiMadini, our WOLTS project partners in Tanzania, and all published jointly on the Mokoro and Land Portal websites. Joyce Ndakaru describes her upbringing in a traditional and patriarchal Maasai village, and how the WOLTS project is delivering positive changes to gender relations in similar contexts. Emmanuel Mbise reflects on the power of role-plays about women’s land rights performed by WOLTS community champions. Ezekiel Kereri describes how the WOLTS training programme has given female community champions the confidence to claim their rights to land, and male community champions the confidence and understanding to support them. Find links to all three Tanzania blogs here – and look out for the next two blogs in the ‘WOLTS Team Perspectives’ series – coming soon! – as team members from PCC, our WOLTS project partners in Mongolia, describe how their experiences compare.