WOLTS Mongolia success stories – new blog and a national workshop

  • 11 October 2022

Mokoro are delighted to publish a new blog from WOLTS Mongolia team member, B. Munkhtuvshin. “Protesting herders to get government support to stop harmful mining operations” is the story of recent demonstrations by nomadic pastoralists opposed to investments in the mining sector that have infringed on their community’s land rights. The protestors came from Dalanjargalan, a community that the WOLTS Project has been engaged with for more than six years, and they were led by local gender and land champions trained by the project. The peaceful demonstrations had a very successful result, as Munkhtuvshin’s compelling blog relates. We are pleased to be co-publishing again simultaneously with the Land Portal.

Mokoro’s Mongolian NGO partner, People Centered Conservation (PCC), have been busy facilitating a national workshop coordinated jointly with the Mongolian government’s land administration and management agency, ALAMGAC. Following a successful collaboration with ALAMGAC to develop national guidelines for improving participation and gender equity across local land planning and management, the WOLTS team worked with ALAMGAC in late 2021 to run three weeks of online workshops that brought together over 700 local land officers and other officials. A follow-up in-person workshop took place from 5-6 October 2022, providing the team with the opportunity to further strengthen capacity on gender-equitable approaches to land governance with over 22 regional level land officers. WOLTS gender and land champions from Dalanjargalan and Bornuur came to Ulaanbaatar to participate in the workshop and directly share their experiences of the impacts from the WOLTS training in their communities and of the development of the national guidelines.

WOLTS gender and land champions preparing to participate in government land governance workshop. © WOLTS Team