WOLTS blog inspired by World Bank Conference on Gender and Mining

  • 9 July 2018

WOLTS team members Lkhamdulam Natsagdorj and Jim Grabham attended the very enjoyable first edition of the World Bank’s Global Conference on Gender in Oil, Gas and Mining on 26-27 June 2018. Mokoro is delighted to have published a blog piece inspired by this two day event and our recent WOLTS work, written by Lkhamdulam: “‘A woman has long hair but a short brain’ – Reflections on an old Mongolian saying”. This piece has been simultaneously published in our Mokoro newsletter and on the Land Portal’s blog page. Lkhamdulam reflects on a recent WOLTS gender training session in Mongolia and the importance of education in challenging discriminatory gender norms, a theme which took centre stage at the Gender in Oil, Gas and Mining Conference. Read Lkhamdulam’s blog here.

In case you missed them, our two WOLTS country research reports are now both available online, “Gender, Land and Mining in Mongolia” and “Gender, Land and Mining in Pastoralist Tanzania” can both be downloaded here. Please sign up to keep in touch with WOLTS latest news via our webpage here.