Mokoro partner with ClimateCare to offset emissions

  • 26 September 2019

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times, and it is well-known that carbon dioxide emissions released through air travel – an activity that Mokoro engages in frequently – contribute significantly to the problem. The most effective way to address our carbon emissions would of course be not to create any in the first place, but the nature of Mokoro’s work means that some level of aviation-related emissions is unavoidable. We are therefore pleased to share that  Mokoro has partnered with ClimateCare to offset these emissions, and as such our flights for business can now be deemed “climate neutral”. Moving forward, every 6 months we will take stock of the emissions our air travel generates, and offset this amount by investing in a portfolio of projects that cut emissions elsewhere, as well as improving people’s lives. You can find out more about ClimateCare’s projects via their website.