Mokoro host seminar on evidence

  • 19 June 2018

At the end of May, Mokoro were delighted to host a seminar on evidence. ‘How can we collect better evidence for development?’ was hosted in partnership with the Oxford Network of International Consultants (ONIC). Speakers included Jon Bennett (Consultant, ONIC), Claire Hutchings (Head of Programme Quality, Oxfam), Abby Riddell (Associate Consultant, Mokoro), and John Rowley (Consultant, ONIC). We were also very pleased to have Adam Leach, Director and Consultant at Mokoro, to chair the event.

The seminar explored some of the challenges and opportunities for monitoring and evaluation in international development. The demand for generating evidence, reporting results and measuring impact has increased in recent years. Mokoro brought together these experts with a wide range of sectoral experience to explore ways of collecting evidence to assess the impact of development interventions, a politically charged issue as can be seen by recent calls for UK aid funds to be used instead to support the NHS. The speakers discussed how donors, implementing agencies and other actors can work together to collect useful evidence that helps us understand and communicate the complexity of international aid programmes and contributes to meeting the needs of the people who are supposed to benefit from them by giving a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.