How role-play changed two Maasai communities

  • 31 March 2020

Mokoro is delighted to publish the second blog in the ‘WOLTS Team Perspectives’ series jointly with the Land Portal. In this series, different members of the global WOLTS team share their views about the impacts of the project’s action-research on gender, land and mining among pastoralist communities in Tanzania and Mongolia. WOLTS Team Perspectives No.2 is written by Emmanuel Mbise and is called: ‘How role-play changed two Maasai communities.’ In his blog, Emmanuel reflects on the power of role-plays about women’s land rights performed by participants in the WOLTS training programme on gender equity. Emmanuel works as Small-Scale Mining Program Officer with the Tanzanian NGO, HakiMadini, which has partnered with Mokoro on the WOLTS project since 2016.

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