Ethiopia WIDE book launch

  • 27 January 2017

Ethiopia WIDE is a longitudinal qualitative research programme tracking long-term development trajectories as experienced by rural communities in a fast-evolving wider context, in which government policies and programmes matter. Following a recent round of fieldwork, the research team has produced a book which is due to be launched on 2 February in Addis Ababa. Drawing on a number of discussion papers earlier discussed with the government, the book suggests that these communities have changed beyond belief over the past twenty years, and highlights a number of crosscutting themes arising from the research. The WIDE team are very pleased to have close support from high-ranking officials in government, including in the office of the Prime Minister, and hope to gradually institutionalise the WIDE approach. To read more about the WIDE research, see the EthiopiaWIDE website and also an article on our recent WIDE seminar.