Confident Gender and Land Champions – New WOLTS Paper Published

  • 23 May 2023

Mokoro is pleased to announce publication of the latest collaborative paper from the WOLTS team – Confident Gender and Land Champions: Building Critical Mass for Locally-Driven Change. The paper shares key findings from the most recent, dissemination-focused phase of WOLTS, our long-term, action-oriented gender and land project, in partnership with HakiMadini of Tanzania and PCC of Mongolia.

Read how WOLTS gender and land champions in mining-affected, pastoralist communities in Mongolia and Tanzania, men and women, developed their own stories and messages, and became empowered as confident actors for change and influential local advisors. Read also how the overall WOLTS approach – iteratively crafted over seven years of rigorous fieldwork and community engagement – strengthens cross-project learning, fosters local ownership, boosts participation and inclusivity in land governance, and challenges gendered social norms. A major lesson  is that impactful dissemination and capacity building takes time, but is indeed very possible and results in sustainable change.

Complementing the new paper, three team members have published recent blogs sharing their reflections from the past seven years. Our WOLTS Mongolia Lead, Narangerel Yansanjav, published “We had no idea what a learning journey it would be” on 19 April 2023. Our WOLTS Tanzania Lead, Joyce Ndakaru, published “Gender and land champions can help” on 27 April 2023. Our global WOLTS Team Leader, Elizabeth Daley, published “How WOLTS champions changed communities, and changed me – Building a sustainable model for women and community land rights” on 16 May 2023. All three blogs have been co-published on the Land Portal and in national media in Mongolia and Tanzania.

For more information and links to further publications, please visit the WOLTS Project page. Please sign up here for future project updates.