Uniting for Land Rights in Togo – How Our Members Are Contributing to Change

June 2023
NLC Togo (International Land Coalition)

This 17-page summary of the contributions made by the CSO member organisations of the National Land Coalition in Togo, since its founding in 2012, provides a clear and well-illustrated example of successful collaboration behind land rights. The document outlines the state of land in Togo and uses a timeline to show how the NLC’s efforts have progressed to pilot implementation from 2022 of the country’s Land and Property Code at grassroots level. The Code, adopted in 2018, advocated for secure, equitable rural land rights, combating land grabbing, advancing community land registration, and improving policies and practices related to land and natural resource management, small-scale farming, and food security. The document highlights strategy objectives, theory of change, and major outcomes, including support for the new Code and strengthening of dialogues on land between government and CSOs. Key challenges are also highlighted for the promotion of gender equity and justice. The summary concludes with key lessons learned in this successful partnership.