Traditional Authorities in Africa and Their Role in Land-Based Investment Governance – A Webinar Recap

November 2023
Neil Sorensen (LandPortal)

This short recap on the Land Portal summarises key highlights from the webinar of the same title organised by Land Portal with the FCDO-funded Advancing Land-Based Investment Governance (ALIGN) project. The recap piece includes the link to the full recording of the webinar, where one can hear first-hand the arguments put forward by participants. The webinar was one of the first – if not the first – global webinar to tackle head on the important subject of traditional leaders’ roles in improving governance around land-based investments, with relevant experts on the panel. Moderated by a (male) academic from the University of Cape Town, panellists included Liberian and Kenya government land officials (both male), a (male) landowners’ leader from a traditional chiefdom in Sierra Leone, and the (female) Founder and Director of COLANDEF, a Ghana-based NGO.