The Ndungu Report: Land & Graft in Kenya

March 2005
Roger Southall (Review of African Political Economy, Vol.32, No.103, March 2005, pp.142-51)

This summary of the Report of the Ndungu Commission on Illegal and Irregular Allocation of Public Land provides an insight into a critical recent episode in the struggles over land and graft in Kenya. Includes land and demography in Kenya; the law relating to the allocation of land; the Commission’s findings – (1) urban, state and ministries’ land, (2) settlement schemes and trust lands, (3) forest lands, national parks, wetlands, riparian resources and protected areas; the Commission’s recommendations; commentary. Kenya is faced with landlessness on a large scale and with recurrent land disputes among individuals and between communities. Government has just set in train a National Land Policy Formulation Process to try to sort out these underlying problems, including those thrown up by the Ndungu Commission.