The Journey to a Better Tomorrow: Land, Climate Change and Gender. Experience from the Field

December 2019
Care International Tanzania

For more than five years, Ardhi Yetu Programme through its partners (HAKIARDHI, Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF), and PAICODEO) has been working with communities to advocate for land rights, gender equality and climate change adaptation. AYP’s main goal is to ensure that national level advocacy, policy dialogues and campaigns are driven by community voices, actions and realities. This report documents individual and collective efforts by project beneficiaries, particularly women. It also gives insight to the programme and its partners on how communities (individually and collectively) are handling land disputes, gender issues, particularly gender based violence, and adapting to climate change. It helps to better understand and appreciate cultural differences and perspectives on land ownership, titling processes and gender complexities related (or not) to property ownership. It also highlights the success of women’s collective efforts in reducing gender based violence, eviction, and water scarcity. Their stories underscore the significance of local knowledge and experience in addressing climate change and adaptation.