Terra: Urban land reform in post-war Angola: research, advocacy and policy development (chapters on land policy)

October 2005
Development Workshop (Angola) and the Centre for Environment and Human Settlements (Edinburgh). Development Workshop Occasional Paper 5

This extract from the book Terra contains the contents page, introduction, and executive summary of the whole book, and chapters 10 and 11 on land policy in Angola. The book presents research on post-war urban land management options and the use of action research as an advocacy tool in drafting the 2004 Land Law. Chapter 10, on land policy and land legislation, covers the legal background, a chronology of Angolan laws and the legal revision process, the draft land law, specific recommendations on intermediate and evolutive rights. Chapter 11, on action research as an advocacy tool to influence Angola’s land policies, covers the background, the need and focus for research, disseminating the findings, land firmly on the agenda, lessons learned.