State of Land Information in Sudan – An Open Data Assessment

December 2023
D. Naguib and C-T. Bayer. (Land Portal)

This State of Land Information (SOLI) report from the Land Portal assesses the state of land data in Sudan. The report is one of a series produced by the Land Portal, featuring in-depth analysis of the country level land information system, legal frameworks and data accessibility. The authors outline the complex landscape of land information in Sudan, affected by political instability and conflict, and emphasize the urgent need for structured data governance and open data initiatives to support land administration and conflict resolution, making recommendations for targeted interventions to improve compliance with international open data standards. The authors note that the country’s current political instability poses significant challenges for opening up data in Sudan. However, they argue that more open access to land information can support Sudan’s government to transition to peaceful, democratic rule, if done in partnership between civil society and government. The report focuses on the rump state of old Sudan from 2012, not on South Sudan. Although some open data initiatives had taken place after separation, the authors report no open data has been available since conflict escalated in 2023, with the minimum requirement for open data being that it is accessible online. The authors’ report that Sudan’s last Open Data Inventory (ODIN) assessment was done in 2018, with assessment difficulties since 2012 linked to non-functioning national statistical office websites. In 2018 it scored 24 overall and ranked it 159th  worldwide on the ODIN measure. This measure includes some indicators on the built environment and land use but does not specifically assess most land data. Overall, land governance data and information in Sudan are not open.