State of land information in South Africa. Uncovering South Africa’s land information ecosystem

March 2020
Land Portal (L. Mey and C. Tejo-Alonso)

This report seeks to provide an overview of existing data and information on key land issues and uncover the many different sources of land data and information in South Africa, thus providing a basis to substantiate, refute or nuance the often-repeated rhetoric that there is a lack of land data. The authors have developed an original scoping and assessment methodology building on existing internationally recognized and well-known frameworks. They have systematically reviewed and categorized the entire landscape of data and information related to key land topics, assessing over 104 land resources from 59 different sources. They saw trends and gaps in land data collection which helped to provide very practical recommendations to improve visibility and usability of data and information, thus seeking to improve the land information ecosystem in South Africa.