Securing Women’s Land Rights: Learning from successful experiences in Rwanda and Burundi

June 2014
International Land Coalition (Elisabetta Cangelosi and Sabine Pallas)

Paper introduces the rationale for focusing on women’s land rights and explains the Learning Route methodology and the preparation of this Route in particular, before providing background information on land tenure and women’s land rights in Rwanda and Burundi. The three case studies and the lessons learned from them are then presented, followed by the personal stories of women who have benefited from the work of the Route’s hosts, the CSOs Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN) and Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme (APDH), and the Programme Transitoire Post‑Conflit (PTRPC), a Burundi government programme funded by IFAD. In closing, it presents some conclusions emerging from the Route and gives space to the voices of the ruteros reflecting on their participation.