Securing Customary Land Tenure in Africa: Alternative Approaches to the Local Recording and Registration of Land Rights: Report of a workshop held at IIED

November 2000

Introduction and background, by Julian Quan (DFID); Piloting local administration of records in Ekuthuleni, KwaZulu-Natal, by Donna Hornby (AFRA, South Africa); Ivory Coast’s Plan Foncier Rural: lessons from a pilot project to register customary rights, by Camilla Toulmin (IIED); Customary land identification and recording in Mozambique, by Chris Tanner; Supporting local rights: will the centre let go? reflections from Uganda and Tanzania, by Patrick McAuslan (Birkbeck College, London); Local strategies for securing rights in land – experience from the Sahel (Niger), by Christian Lund (University of Roskilde, Denmark); closing discussion and findings; list of participants.