Report of the FAO/Oxfam GB Workshop on Women’s Land Rights in Southern and Eastern Africa held in Pretoria, South Africa, 17-19 June 2003

October 2003
Kaori Izumi (FAO) and Robin Palmer (Oxfam GB)

This was a major and highly successful workshop on women’s land rights in Southern and Eastern Africa, organised by FAO and Oxfam GB. It attracted an unusually diverse range of participants. This official report summarises the papers, presentations and discussions in the original order of the programme. It covers the conceptual framework and women’s land rights in the contexts of: legal issues, natural resources, inheritance rights, post-conflict situations, pastoralist communities, HIV/AIDS, land administration, legal aid, rights to housing, land and property, the working group discussions, action points, and includes a number of appendices providing details of participants and their organisations.