Protecting Community Lands & Resources in Africa: Grassroots Advocates’ Strategies & Lessons

December 2015
Namati & Natural Justice (Stephanie Booker, Rachael Knight & Marena Brinkhurst)

In 2013, 20 expert advocates from across Africa gathered for a symposium to share experiences and practical strategies for effectively supporting communities to protect their lands and natural resources. Resulting from that meeting, this book is a collection of case studies and analysis written by and for practitioners, sharing a variety of creative and practical strategies for proactively confronting the forces that undermine community land and natural resource tenure security in Africa. It contains 5 chapters: addressing identity politics and self-imposed definitions of community; resolving inter- and intra-community land conflicts; strengthening local land and natural resource governance; responding to state-driven mega-projects, exclusionary conservation and forced resettlement; empowering communities to address large-scale land concessions. Countries covered are South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania, Liberia, Uganda, Togo, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone.