Northern Uganda Land Study. Analysis of post Conflict Land Policy and Land Administration. A Survey of IDP Return and Resettlement Issues and Lesson: Acholi and Lango Regions

February 2008
Margaret A. Rugadya, Eddie Nsamba-Gayiiya and Herbert Kamusiime (for the World Bank, to input into Northern Uganda Peace, Recovery and Development Plan and the Draft National Land Policy)

Includes the return process, public knowledge of land rights, land conflicts and dispute resolution, post-conflict vulnerable group issues, performance of land administration institutions, recommendations. Finds the issue of return not adequately dealt with in the NLP. 92% have returned in Lango, but only 5% in Acholi. Increasing number of land conflicts, high levels of misgiving and distrust of central Government’s intentions, almost no knowledge of the Uganda Land Act, misgivings over demarcation and land registration, statutory and traditional dispute resolution institutions lack capacity, Land Tribunals dysfunctional, rising concerns over compensation rising, a host of tensions.