No Going Back – The New Face of Internal Displacement in Somalia

May 2023
A. B. Halakhe and S. Miller (Refugees International)

This research report from Refugees International is one of a series on internal displacement. It looks closely at the urban dimensions of internal displacement in Somalia and makes a series of recommendations for the federal government and for the international community, to support durable long-term solutions for IDPs in urban informal settlements. The report explores the drivers behind displacement in Somalia as well as its changing nature. It highlights how climate-related challenges and events have become an increasing cause of displacement in recent years, more so than conflict, and how urbanization is changing the landscape of Somalia as a whole. The authors note that Somalia has more than 2,400 IDP sites, of which some 85% are informal settlements on private land in urban centres. They acknowledge the progress that has been made on paper in recent years, with several new laws passed to support IDP rights providing a positive foundation for policy change. Yet these laws remain to be implemented and thus have little impact yet on Somalia’s millions of IDPs.