No Clear Grounds. The impact of land privatization on smallhold farmers’ food security in Zambia

March 2014
Peter Tygesen (a desk study for DanChurchAid)

Land tenure administration in Zambia suffers from serious shortcomings in governance. Too much power is vested with too few checks and balances in too few people, notably the chiefs, local councils and the Commissioner of Lands. This creates fertile ground for abuse and corruption, both of which mar the sector. Zambia still has an important distance to cover in the field of land governance and legal recognition of customary rights and institutions. As investors flock to Zambia’s ‘underutilised’ land, it is necessary to take effective steps to ensure that the rising global demand for food become an opportunity for African farmers and not a threat to them. Appropriate policies and governance measures should be in place for them to access this market and thrive in it.