Musul – The 2nd community in Kenya to secure their land rights, the 1st to do so using legal empowerment

July 2021
McKinley Charles (Namati)

The Maasai community of Musul have lived on the same land in Laikipia county for generations. It is their source of food and water, the heart of their culture and beliefs and their ancestral home. But until recently their legal rights to govern it were tenuous. Thousands of rural and Indigenous communities in Kenya are in the same position. This lack of clear legal rights puts them at high risk of being exploited by greedy investors and powerful officials or becoming embroiled in conflicts over land use. This historic injustice was finally righted for Musul in October 2020 when they received the deed to their community land. They are only the second community in Kenya to attain this legal recognition. They are continuing to advocate for the full implementation of the law throughout Kenya.