Monitoring the Transition of Group Ranches to Community Land in Kenya: A Case Study of Laikipia, Kajiado, West Pokot, and Samburu Counties

September 2023
Kenya National Land Commission and Namati Kenya

This report is the result of a collaborative study by the Kenyan National Land Commission and Namati Kenya. The study was conducted to track progress on the implementation of the landmark 2016 Community Land Act, with its provisions for securing tenure for Kenya’s indigenous peoples and local communities through changes to leadership structures and mechanisms for improving community engagement in land governance. The report highlights challenges and identifies lessons for ensuring that this progressive piece of legislation, which allows undissolved group ranches to transition to registered community land, is not watered down in its implementation. Key findings are that more public education is needed on the process of registering community land under the 2016 law, and that registering community land is a resource-intensive process that requires government, civil society and development partners to be involved, as well as communities. The study considered the involvement of women, youth and other minority groups during the process of transferring registration to community lands. This was found to be low, especially that of women, while the overall process of implementation was found to be slow. Sixteen undissolved group ranches were studied, and recommendations made to fast-track implementation and ensure inclusion.