Land Rights for African Development: from Knowledge to Action

February 2006
CGIAR System-wide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) Policy Briefs

Collection of 12 short policy briefs arising from collaborative work between CGIAR, UNDP’s Drylands Development Center and the International Land Coalition.
1) Land Tenure, Land Reform, and the Management of Land and Natural Resources in Africa, by Joan Kagwanja;
2) Legal Dualism and Land Policy in Eastern and Southern Africa, by Martin Adams and Stephen Turner;
3) Legal Pluralism as a Policy Option: Is it Desirable? Is it Doable?, by Patrick McAuslan;
4) Gender Issues in Land Tenure under Customary Law, by Patricia Kameri-Mbote;
5) Innovations in Land Tenure, Reform and Administration in Africa, by Clarissa Augustinus and Klaus Deininger;
6) The Commons and Customary Law in Modern Times: Rethinking the Orthodoxies, by Liz Alden Wily;
7) Biting the Bullet: How to Secure Access to Drylands Resources for Multiple Users, by Esther Mwangi and Stephen Dohrn;
8) Decentralization: An Enabling Policy for Local Land Management, by Hubert Ouedraogo; 9) Will Formalizing Property Rights Reduce Poverty in South Africa’s “Second Economy?” – Questioning Mythologies of Hernando de Soto, by Ben Cousins et al;
10) Getting the Process Right: The Experience of the Uganda Land Alliance, by Oscar Okech and Harriet Busingye;
11) Getting Agreement on Land Tenure Reform: the Case of Zambia, by Joseph Mbinji;
12) The Land Policy Process in Burkina Faso: Building a National Consensus, by Hubert Ouedraogo.