Land & Natural Resource Management System Assessment, Bie Province, Angola

March 2004
Simon Norfolk, Felisaberto Ngola, Frenanda Elaho, Edith Chivi, Joaquim Rubem, Antonio Fernando, Tiago Kaunda, Jorge Manuel (CARE International Angola)

Contains an executive summary and 3 main chapters: on national, provincial and policy context; access to land and natural resources in Bie Province; and key issues for CARE programming � the promotion of livelihood security and equity. Within these chapters are sections on the proposed new Land Law; land administration and decentralisation; land use and availability and mechanisms of access to land; land tenure systems in the study sites. Argues that the central policy issue around which lobbying efforts ought to be directed in the future concern the need for the law to allow for, protect and register the recognised rights of community and family groups such that they become subject to transfer and transaction on terms and conditions suitable to the community or the family.