Land Matters in Displacement: the Importance of Land Rights in Acholiland and what threatens them

December 2004
CSOPNU (Civil Society Organisations for Peace in Northern Uganda)

Comprises executive summary; introduction; land and land rights in Acholi; security, access to land and food security; interventions; return and the Land Act; conclusions and recommendations. CSOPNU is a loose coalition advocating for a just and lasting peace in Northern Uganda, based on analyses of underlying causes of the conflict. Research sought to provide an analysis of how issues related to land affect people in the conflict areas of Acholi sub-region, with a focus on return as a durable solution to internal displacement. Recommendations on: the need for access to their traditional land by the IDPs; availability of land near camps that can safely be accessed throughout the year; the effects of agricultural interventions, food security programmes and large scale mechanised agricultural interventions; IDP return and the role of the 1998 Land Act.