Land Matrix Analytical Report III: Taking stock of the global land rush

September 2021
Land Matrix

More than 10 years since the surge in large-scale land acquisitions in developing countries which followed the spike in agricultural commodity prices in the late 2000s, the Land Matrix Initiative has taken stock of the global land rush and its socio-economic and environmental impacts. The findings are sobering, in part alarming. Compliance with the principles of responsible business conduct is rare, and scant consultation with the affected communities is common. The non-consensual and uncompensated loss of land often comes with only little socio-economic benefits – be they employment, positive productivity spill overs, or infrastructure. Business as usual continues to destroy rainforests, natural habitats, and biodiversity on the agricultural frontiers of the Amazon, Southeast Asia, and the Congo Basin. Although progress has been made with regard to land governance, a lack of policy implementation in this area is evident.