Land Inequality Framing Document

October 2019
International Land Coalition – ILC (Arantxa Guereña & Marc Wegerif)

ILC officially launches this Land Inequality Framing Document, the first of a series of papers from the Land Inequality Research Initiative. Research by ILC member Oxfam and others shows that extreme inequality is rising in most regions. Worldwide around 84% of farms share 12% of the total agricultural land area, while just 16% of farms control the remaining 88%. Members of the ILC are concerned about this issue yet very little data exists to help us understand what the trends on land inequality are, as well as the complex and inter-related linkages between land inequality and wider inequalities. So ILC is coordinating this initiative to provide evidence and analysis to better understand the nature of land inequality worldwide. The initiative will develop a series of papers. The first, a framing document, aims to: define how to approach the complexities of land inequality; identify a coherent framework for research and action; suggest research themes and questions; and guide the next phases of the research initiative.