Land grabbing in Madagascar. Echoes and testimonies from the field – 2013

September 2013
Re:Common (Giulia Franchi), TANY (Many Rakotondrainibe) and SIF (Eric Hermann Raparison)

Includes cultural contextualization on the use of land in Madagascar; legal framework: what rights’ protection for Malagasy peasants in the framework of land grabbing and the growing commercial pressure on land?; land, one resource, many drivers – energy, mining, forestry, pharmaceutical industry, tourism. Brings out the voices and testimonies of those directly involved including local communities who are victims of these land grabs in 5 regions – Ihorombe, Sofia, Alaotra Mangoro, Analanjirofo and Itasy and on the island of Nosy Be in the Diana region. The projects covered are the work of foreign investors, but national investors are also very active land grabbers and the impacts on local communities do not differ whether the investors are foreign or national.