Kenya Land Issuance. Disaggregated Data Analysis

March 2018
Kenya Land Alliance

Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) disaggregated and analysed 1,000,099 out of about 3,200,000 title deeds issued by the Government of Kenya from 2013-17. The booklet reveals that women only got 103,043 titles representing 10.3%, while men got 865,095 titles representing 86.5% of the total. The data sampled shows that out of 10,129,704 hectares of land titled between 2013-17 women got 163,253 hectares representing a paltry 1.62%, while men got 9,903,304 hectares representing 97.76%.  This booklet is launched as a warning against complacency on the importance of gender equality in land title issuance.