Interview with Professor Jose Negrao, Hero of Mozambique’s Poor, about the Land Law

July 2005
Oxfam America

Jose Negrao died on 9 July 2005, aged 49. He was one of the most important intellectuals and researchers in Mozambique, was a leading figure in the Land Campaign and a strong defender of peasant land rights. We publish this interview with him in recognition of and in mourning a great and truly independent fighter who did not conform to what others expected but always pursued his own way. He was hugely influential during the Land Campaign and his success then derived from the fact that people trusted his integrity and his independence. He was greatly appreciated right across Southern Africa and did much to interpret Mozambique to its English speaking neighbours. He was also great fun to be with. He will be deeply missed and his death is a huge loss to Mozambique. The interview questions asked here are: How did you get involved with the Land Law? How was the Land Law disseminated? Were there many obstacles? What are some of the other benefits of the Land Law?