How can Land Tenure Reform contribute to Poverty Reduction? Report from the European Forum on Rural Development Cooperation

December 2002
European Forum on Rural Development Cooperation

Official report from the European Forum on the sessions relating to land tenure reform and poverty reduction. Details the panel discussion involving Robin Palmer (Oxfam), Julian Quan (DFID), Christian Graefen (GTZ), Annelies Zoomers (CEDLA), Philippe Lavigne-Delville (GRET), followed by summaries of two working groups, on Madagascar and Mali and Latin America, and concludes with agreed action points. These included the need for donors to engage more in the political aspects of land reform, including redistribution, to work more collaboratively, to think longer term, consider a broad range of options, and to take more account of traditional land institutions and customary rights, while land tenure reform needs to be linked to wider rural development policies.