How best to Respond to the Great Contempt shown by Africa’s Ruling Elites towards their own Small-Scale Farmers and Pastoralists?

July 2015
Robin Palmer (Mokoro)

Impossible to have imagined 50 years ago that Africa’s ruling political elites would have come to despise their own small-scale farmers and pastoralists and to look kindly on foreign-run large plantations. Impact of decades of structural adjustment programmes forgotten. Sceptical about claims that land grabs can be stopped within 3 years. Looks at variety of responses attempting to address power inequalities at local levels. Research a not unproblematic area. Concludes with case studies of legal empowerment in Mozambique and Namati’s community land protection programme. Would like audience to respond to the author’s question.

This was the keynote address at LANDac International Conference on Land Governance for Sustainable Development, Utrecht