Highlights of the Pan-African Indigenous Activist Gathering 2019

October 2019

A selection of nine short videos from InsightShare, which in October 2019 hosted a grassroots gathering in South Africa of African Indigenous activists representing 12 diverse communities from across the continent, who came together to discuss, strategise and skill up on issues of Indigenous cultures, rights and lands, and how to harness video for change. The nine videos are:

  1. A Landmark Livestream of Indigenous Alliance-Building
  2. Participatory Tools for a Pan-African Indigenous Alliance
  3. Resisting Neocolonialism and Land Exploitation in Tanzania
  4. How Has Video Helped in the Struggle for Land Rights?
  5. Participatory Video is a Revolutionary Tool
  6. Preserving Endangered Language in Kenya Using Video
  7. Fighting Land Exploitation Through Video in Cameroon
  8. Video4Change Grassroots Gathering South Africa
  9. Project Spotlight: Amadiba Community + Participatory Video, Pondoland