Gendered Land Rights – Process, Struggle, or Lost C(l)ause?

November 2002
Robin Palmer (Oxfam GB Land Policy Adviser)

Highly condensed paper on gendered land rights, written principally for Oxfam staff and partners, and summarising some of the literature on Africa and elsewhere. Includes ‘the women were left out again’ (in Uganda); why bother with women’s land rights?; only secondary rights; the invention of ‘tradition’; the unproblematic ‘household’; resistance is certain; family law – the way forward, or just reinforcing marginalisation?; statutory law and social change; class is still with us; land and agrarian reforms and women’s movements; the shadow of HIV/AIDS in Africa; some very hard choices; how do you ‘do gender’ in land reform, and what about the cost?; how to strengthen women’s land rights?